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Recycling is a competitive business. Clients are demanding detailed recycling reports for their projects and municipalities are demanding detailed diversion reports on your facility.

Green Halo provides you with easy to use tracking tools to generate detailed waste diversion reports for your construction clients and their end user customers. Your clients will receive detailed, pre-populated diversion reports for LEED or government requirements and receive access to their recycling information 24/7, by project or firm-wide. The comprehensive reports and statistics you can now offer your clients give you an insider view of your clients recycling needs and the competitive edge you need to attract and retain high level customers.

Facility Certification
Our third party certification process ensures accurate, real time facility diversion data, to help comply with LEED, city, county and state diversion requirements.
Create Diversion Reports for Clients
Provide your clients with real time project by project diversion reports with comprehensive charts and graphs.
Streamline your reporting
Upload or create reports for your facility you can share with clients or municipalities. Easily comply with Local and State requirements.
Facility Profile
Create your facility profile including services, materials accepted, Recovery Rates and more. Make your profile private by invitation only or available to the public for all to see.
Lead generation
As a recycler you want to know where the projects are. Reduce your sales cost. With our lead generation system you can browse through current and upcoming projects , set notifications for specific project types and connect directly with contractors, project managers and decision makers online.
Facility Search
When you join Green Halo you become part of our network of recycling facilities searched by Green Halo clients and available to the public through our network of web sites such as Driving more business to your facility is our goal.
Market your Services
Get access to thousands or contractors in your area and market your services to them directly.
Secondary Markets
Buy, Sell, Trade. Our secondary market feature allows you to locate and communicate with secondary market buyers of your materials.
Carbon Footprint
Reduce your energy and resource consumption while going paperless.