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If you’re a government official responsible for managing and implementing a waste recycling mandate or ordinance, then Green Halo is for you. With Green Halo you can easily implement and manage your construction recycling policy, customize recycling programs for project or building types, and generate comprehensive recycling reports and statistics to make your program a success, all for free.

Green Halo’s cloud based system allows for anywhere, anytime access. Inspectors can access project recycling data in the field or in the office and work directly with clients to make sure they meet their recovery requirements.

Save time and money!
Reduce the overhead required to manage, verify and file recovery reports.
Quickly and easily comply with state, county and local green initiatives.
Quickly and easily customize the site to meet your specific recycling and compliant requirements.
Easily implement recovery requirements. Create custom recycling programs.
Real time monitoring of recycling activity makes enforcement of your recycling policy easy and effective.
Adapt to the ever changing recycling mandates quickly and efficiently.
Customer Service
Offer contractors an easy to use online alternative for creating and submitting recovery reports.
Comprehensive Statistics
View accurate real time statistics while tracking construction and recycling trends in your city.
Carbon Footprint
Reduce your energy and resource consumption while going paperless.