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Owning and managing property in today’s “green” corporate environment requires your buildings to comply with LEED and other zero waste policies. Making sure that contractors working in your buildings comply with government recovery requirements can be a full time job.

With Green Halo you can view construction recycling information on specific projects, contractors, buildings, or entire portfolios, all with a simple click. Implementing Green Halo is easy and our cloud based system allows for anywhere, anytime access in the field or in the office.

Know what is being recycled from your building – and where it’s going.
Get in-depth tools for analyzing your recycling information. Understand your property’s waste flow, view waste trends, and more. Monitor contractors to assure compliance with local recycling ordinances.
Property Snapshot.
With Green Halo’s comprehensive recycling overview, and easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and summaries, you can view a property’s recycling statistics in just one click.
Track construction project recycling from one place.
Your recycling data is organized with Green Halo so you can get data fast when you need it. Keep track of recycling from anywhere anytime. Provide owners and managers accurate recycling data instantly.
Export Your Recycling Data to Excel.
All data and reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel with just one click. Export data from Green Halo and import it into other programs with ease.
Multiple User Access.
Collaborate with co-workers and other important users. With Green Halo, you can give access to as many users as you like, set user access restrictions, and more - so people only see what you allow them to see.
Multiple Location Collaboration.
Connect with colleagues across multiple office locations. Share your Green Halo data in real time with your co-workers or corporate office – even if you’re in different countries.
Create, Print, or Share.
Convert your recycling document into .pdf, print your document, or use Green Halo’s Share Document function to email a link to as many people as you want. Your clients and co-workers can click on the link and automatically see the entire recycling report in detail without having to print the document – saving paper and totally green.
No installations, No downloads.
Whether you’re on a Mac, PC or mobile device using Green Halo is as easy as visiting a web site. Since it’s completely web based, you never have to install or download traditional software, or worry about operating system compatibility – you just launch your browser and go.
Automatic Backups and Upgrades.
With Green Halo, you don’t need to back up your data or upgrade your software. Green Halo backs up your data every day, so even if your computer crashes, your data is safe.
Getting Started Guide.
Our simple Getting Started Guide walks you through exactly what you need to do to get your project set up on Green Halo. You can get started in minutes – even if you don’t have any waste recycling experience.